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Special Issue VI 


Précis of "Knowledge on Trust"

Paul Faulkner

Faith in Others
Guy Longworth
Knowledge on Affective Trust Arnon Keren
Can Trust Itself Ground a Reason to Believe the Trusted?
Edward S. Hinchman
The Trust Game and the Testimony Game Katherine Hawley Testimony, Trust, and Social Norms Peter J. Graham Replies
Paul Faulkner

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Volume 6 Number 2

Concerning the Possibility of Exactly Similar Tropes
M.A. Istvan Jr.
New Criteria for Pain: Ordinary Language, Other Minds, and the Grammar of Sensation
Kieran Cashell
Multiple Realizability and Novel Causal Powers Ricardo Restrepo Phenomenal Character as the Mode of Presentation of Environmental Properties
Roberto Horácio de Sá Pereira Nietzsche ou MacIntyre: Duas Alternativas à Moralidade Moderna? Helder Buenos Aires de Carvalho & José Elielton de Sousa Complete Issue in PDF


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